Fantasy Art & The Faery World
Dorie Waters

This extremely detailed and charming piece was created with raw sienna ink and tinted with inks and watercolours for a soft, vintage look. A beautiful Faery Queen is scolding 3 innocent looking, yet very mischievous little faeries, while the others look on...what mayhem have they caused...or will cause!!!

Autumn and Her Melancholy Moon

A very soft and elegant illustration, the detail is stunning and hard to capture through photographs. It was created with raw sienna ink and tinted with warm toned inks and watercolours. This truly is a warm, thoughtful piece, with a remarkably 'poignant' mood.

Faery Spring

A whimsical and colourful piece, created with inks and watercolours. What could be happier or more colourful than Springtime in Faeryland?

Dragonfly Curiosities

Nature is magical! Do these Faeries know that they too are as magical as the dragonflies they so curiously inspect?

Faery Moon

A beautiful piece, illustrated with ink and enhanced with ink and watercolours.