Fantasy Art & The Faery World
Dorie Waters

it's especially through my paint that I come closest to fairies that are right here, right around the corner, right behind the door...

A bit about me

Fantasy art is truly a favourite theme of mine. I love the calm and grace that the ethereal, magical world can lend to our hurly burly everyday lives! Its' mysteries and possibilities have more than intrigued me, they've invited me in and I hope to share with you some of what I see and feel through my art!

I'm lucky enough to have been born in Vancouver, British Columbia, a very unique and stunning place! Mountains meet the ocean here, desert is not far away, and still, trees tower everywhere! It's a wondrous place!

I shared a private world with an identical twin growing up, was the youngest of 10 kids (a bit of magic, I think!), and was very much influenced by the artists in the family and the mayhem and wonder that a busy household exudes! I've painted and drawn all of my life both professionally and for the sheer joy of it. (If I'm not working on something I tend to get cranky!)

I spend my time here in Vancouver with Bill and our cat Barbara, and loads of friends and family. When the city is too hectic, we head north to our house near Canim Lake in the Cariboo, where 60 acres of wilderness is a lot of earth and sky to find magic!

Thank you for looking! Thanks for your time!